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Dodge Rampage

A special model of the Dodge Ram came out in 1982, it was a subcompact pickup truck with the name of Rampage, smaller than a compact pickup this little thing was only able to carry a 1,145 pound load. Add in two people and that decreases. The Dodge Rampage was based on the Dodge Omni and borrowed from it several things, including its platform. The vehicle was also called the Plymouth Scamp since they were both made by the Chrysler Corporation. The body style was that of a regular two door truck with a front mounted engine and two wheel drive with the rear wheels being powered. The Dodge Rampage boasted a tiny 2.2L four stroke engine that was capable of ninety six horses. The first trucks had a four speed manual, which was later replaced by a five speed manual transmission and was often looked at as a good rival to the El Camino – however its only true competitor was a vehicle made by Volkswagen.

The Dodge Rampage’s clone for Plymouth only lasted a year, while the Dodge Rampage was manufacture for just three years. Shelby introduced its own modified model in the 1984 year (the final year the Dodge Rampage was ever produced) and it is extremely rare, as only 318 were manufactured and released. In the end the final Shelby’s were capable of 99 horses, and that was the end of the story.

..Or was it? in 2006 the Dodge corporation released a Dodge Rampage Concept vehicle, which is in no way a subcompact, it is the same size as a Dodge Ram and uses a 5.7 Hemi engine with a lovely horsepower capacity of around 330-350. It also uses some unusual features for a truck, such as the ‘Stow’n Go’ feature that is usually found in Dodge Minivans, not trucks, along with being a front wheel powered vehicle rather than rear wheel.

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