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Double Boat and Motorcycle Trailers

Double Boat trailers are pretty much a myth if you’re hauling large boats, however a solution is a double decker trailer that will allow you to haul two median sized boats, or if you are hauling one boat and a pair of seadoos.  It is a good bet that you’ll be paying extra and that the double decker trailers will be larger than most others you have hauled – and it may be necessary to check with your local area’s lawmaking body about needed permits and if they allow certain heights or widths for public transport of large boats.  You will also need to make sure it has a good breaking system – the weight you will be hauling could become a hazard if you are unable to stop – consider having the breaks compared and know their weight ratings and how well they perform at failure weight peaks(too much weight to stop).

Double Motorcycle Trailers are much easier to haul around, as they can either be long or they can be wide, with a capacity for two motorcycles.  You can find many of these available at good prices, and they should be pretty good quality.  You might consider getting a V shaped enclosed trailer to do the job since it is easy to load and unload the bikes.  When you are looking for a trailer here’s a few simple and logical tips to look out for.  One: make sure the electrical system and brake system (whether they’re surge or electrical) have been inspected and are working. Two: see if you can find out any history of the unit if it is used.  Three: Know your weight capacity of both the trailer and the towing vehicle – you wouldn’t want to be puttering up a hill barely able to go half the speed limit after all.

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