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Double Decker Trailer

The meaning of double-decker is any public transit vehicle that has two levels for passengers, one deck above the other one. Other terms may refer to a sandwich like layer development, in which three layers of bread and two fillings; and to roads and bridges which have one roadway running above another. The double decker trailer is a two-level trailer which can have living quarters in it, or “travel trailer”. When traveling the trailer is only as high as a regular trailer, but when it is set up it will increase in height to two full levels. The great thing about this trailer is that any repairs can easily be fixed and when needed, you’ll also be able to find trailer parts from Dorsey Trailers – Trailer Parts pretty quick. 

These trailers are built by Jexcar and many different others; they are often used in motion picture productions as portable dressing rooms. Some trailers are equipped with an upper deck that can be conveniently tilted down to load or unload cargo. An upper deck is supported on for posts, one mounted at each corner of the lower deck. The front posts are fixed in place but the rear posts are pivotally mounted to the lower deck so as to have forward or rearward freedom of movement.

Double Decker Trailer double decker trailer

The upper deck is pivotally mounted to the top ends of the front posts. Sleeves mounted on a cross member at the rear edge of the upper deck slide up and down the rear posts as the deck is raised or lowered. The cross member has some rotational freedom of movement relative to the upper deck to prevent binding with the rear posts when the upper deck is moved up or down. These types of double decker trailers can be spotted in most public areas, and are a daily tool that can be helpful and useful all at the same time to you and your needs. Many different other transit vehicles have the double-decker systems, and for the trailer it is another tool that helps to increase the loading capacity.

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