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Dual Wheel Pick Up Trucks

Dual wheel pick up trucks are usually considered the big, brawny grand daddy of all trucks (not including commercial trucks of course).  With a dual wheeled pick up truck, you can receive plenty of power, performance, towing capacity and hauling capacity.  Too be honest, most of the power in a dual wheeled or dually is overkill, however if you require lots of brawn and like the statement a dual wheel pick up truck makes, you will be mighty happy with either one of these two top dual wheel sellers.  The Ford F-450 Super Duty and the Dodge 3500 Ram.

Dual Wheel Pick Up Trucks ford f450

The Ford F-450 Super Duty
The F-450 Super Duty is as big as they come.  With dual wheels you have the extra traction and stability to tow to your heart’s content.  This bad boy is not only huge, but offers some of the most powerful towing capacities in it’s class.  With the F-450 you can tow 24,500 pounds.  Now that is pretty strong.  The F-450 comes with a huge engine, a 6.4 liter turbo diesel that offers 350 horsepower and a whopping 650 lbs ft of torque.  The price range for this vehicle is in the $45K to 55K for the fully loaded trim level.

The Dodge Ram 3500
The Dodge Ram is a muscular, extremely capable vehicle.  This vehicle offers plenty of power and is quite practical even with its dual rear wheels.  And while you may be basing your choice on which of these two dually trucks offer more power, you will be pleased to note that both the Ram 3500 and Ford F-450 both offer engines with 350 hp and 650 lb ft of torque.  The Ram 3500 comes with a 6.7 liter Cummins turbodiesel that is matched to a six speed automatic transmission.

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