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Early Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Truck

If you own a truck, SUV or Jeep, you are probably quite proud of your vehicle.  And part of keeping your vehicle looking and running good is keeping it well maintained. Not only will regular maintenance mean you will find yourself in need of auto repair without much warning less often, but your vehicle will also last much longer in good condition, which is of course beneficial in a multitude of ways.

While many 4×4 owners go through the process of winterizing their vehicle for the cold months, not that many truck owners realize that it is also important to do some early maintenance just as the colder months are turning into spring.  Early spring maintenance is important, mainly because you can repair much of the damage that has occurred during the winter and protect your vehicle from the harshness that can occur when the weather fluctuates from very cold to mild temperatures.

Here are some tips:

Now is the Time to Thoroughly Check Your 4×4 for Damage
As the winter ends, it’s your best chance to check for damage, because if you catch damage early enough, you reduce costs of repair and also reduce the risk of other components failing as well.  Make sure to check the engine and the hoses closely.  The cold weather changing back and forth to freezing or near freezing can do damage to rubber and other temperature sensitive materials.

Check underneath your 4×4 for the beginnings of corrosion.  Many municipalities use coarse salts to melt snow and ice during the winter and this can do lots of damage to your vehicle’s undercoating.  It’s also a good idea to wash your vehicle thoroughly.  Make sure you get into the nooks and crannies- this is where corrosion can start out and spread. Finally, check all the components that are important to your daily driving, such as your tires, windshield wipers, lights, etc.  Just as it is important to winterize your 4×4, make sure you take the time to do some early spring maintenance once the winter is over. If your windshield is cracked due to the cold make sure you contact a windshield repair company as soon as possible. With professional auto glass repair services, your windows or windshield will look as good as new.


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