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Electric 4×4 Hybrid Pickup Trucks

A hybrid electric vehicle is described as one that combines a conventional propulsion system with an on-board rechargeable battery storage system. This combination results in a better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle.

Internal combustion engine and electric batteries are used to power hybrid electric vehicles. The internal combustion engine shuts down at idle and restarts when needed thereby reducing idle emissions that are harmful to the environment. Hybrids don’t need to be plugged-in for recharging. Hybrid’s batteries are automatically charged during driving through regenerative braking or by way of its alternator being spun by its internal combustion engine.

Hybrid electric vehicles have smaller engines that can run at various speeds. It is seen by carmakers as the core segment of the future automotive market, especially with the persistent fight for environmental awareness and preservation, and lobbying of products that are nature-friendly.

With the popularity of trucks and SUVs in the recent years, automobile manufacturers have come up with hybrid models of these vehicles. Among the first to respond to the demand of hybrid trucks are Ford and GM.

GM’s Hybrid pickups use a 14-kw electric starter generator which replaces the ordinary alternator and starter motor. They place estimate of 10% savings on fuel for this set up.

Ford, on the other hand, uses what it calls a full hybrid electric system, which  will automatically use electric power or gasoline engine power, or a combination of both, this will  achieve efficient performance at all loads.

Normally conventional vehicles are equipped with more powerful engines that consume more fuel in order to give the acceleration needed for passing or climbing.  Hybrid 4x4s has changed this dynamics with their small, fuel-efficient engine with automatic assist from an electric motor that gives extra power when needed.

While Toyota’s hybrid system is similar to that of Ford’s, Honda’s first hybrid system is different wherein electric motor never powers the car on its own.  Its fourth generation system now gets power from either conventional combustion engine or electric power depending on demand.

Hybrid trucks are as powerful as they can be. They are fully capable to haul and tow just as much as their rugged gasoline counterpart and even better with the 10% fuel economy they get. It means that with the hybrid truck, you can still tow boats, climb steep grades, and haul a full load. Hybrid trucks have the ability to start the engine quickly and seamlessly under any condition.

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