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Enclosed Featherlite Cargo Trailer

Enclosed Featherlight Cargo trailers are trailers with about a 3500 gross vehicle weight rating, they usually are called either utility trailers or cargo trailers and have one axel and can haul a usual maximum of 2450 pounds.  Because of their light weight and small design they are excellent for storing some things needed for a short trip, or an all terrain four wheel vehicle – while some others could be loaded with dirt bikes or just plain old normal bikes.  They commonly have a standard unloaded weight of about 1050 pounds and a hitch weight of around 150.  Some thing you might want to get are electric or surge brakes to further increase your stability on the road when you are driving as safety of other driver, and yourself, should be the most important part of your trip. 

Keeping you safe, what you haul safe, and the people around you safe is why when you look for an enclosed featherlight cargo trailer or a featherlight utility trailer that is also enclosed you should look for rock guards, additional strengthening protections, building materials, crash ratings, and any other kind of stress test results for those materials.  A good trailer should be able to survive a minor fender bender without much damage (and by much damage I mean anything less than the trailer being ripped in half into a billion splinters of wood and metal screws).  Aluminum featherlights do exist but they are usually smaller than their wooden companions because of cost to build – however they are extremely sturdy and safe to use.

Be sure to check your tires and your wires, make sure it’s attached and chained, and always make sure the chains do not drag.  Sparking chains on the road can be a hazard in themselves – if one gets caught on debris I have seen things you could not believe (lets just say that a chain to the trailer axel makes for an interesting highway cleanup after the wooden trailer has been literally ripped apart).

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