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Enjoying Your Jeep on the Beach

One of the great things in life is having a Jeep to ride on the beach.  It’s an iconic image that is in many Jeep lover’s mind, being free, enjoying the wind in your hair and plenty of sunshine.  However, if you consider yourself a beach bum that at every opportunity takes your Jeep down to beach you should know that there are a few tips to keep your Jeep well maintained to continue to get the most performance and use out of it.  Here are a few tips.

Enjoying Your Jeep on the Beach jeep wrangler beach

Get Yourself a Tire Deflator and Inflator
One of the things that many Jeep owners learn very quickly is that having properly inflated tires will usually not give you the best traction once on the sand.  For best results, deflate your tires so that it has a wider profile, thus giving you more surface contact and much better traction.  And while many Jeep owners literally get out of their Jeep and spend 30 minutes deflating their tires, there is a better way- a tire deflator.  Usually these quick and easy tools can deflate a Jeep’s tire to proper psi in just a couple of minutes.  This way you spend more time driving than deflating.  Also, don’t forget that once back on the road, you will need to inflate your tires, so make sure you have an air compressor for inflation.

Clean your Jeep After Being on the Beach
There is plenty of sand, salt, water and other materials on the beach that are not good for your vehicles engine, exterior and interior.  These materials can be corrosive and very abrasive.  This is why after each time of being on the beach give your Jeep a decent cleaning.  You don’t have to detail it, but a decent rinse will help you remove a lot of the bad stuff.

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