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Fitting Knobbies on Your 4×4

For all you off roaders whether you are taking your jeep, truck or ATV off roading, one thing is for sure you will need some great tires.  While the typical vehicle will have decent tires for a pretty calm trail, if you are planning on pushing your vehicle to the off road limits, you should definitely think about adding knobbies.  Knobbies are perfect for very soft sand to rockcrawling.  For those that require some decent knobbies, here is a primer on how to fit them for your 4×4.

What’s Best for You
It should be noted that while most believe bigger is always better, there really isn’t a best size.  Since everyone offroads differently, finding the right knobbies is a very subjective matter.  Some hints for finding a good set of knobbies is to ask around the people that drive your trails.  Many will have success with a specific type of knobby.  It’s also good to read up on what the manufacturers think, they are in the business of helping their customers maximize the performance of their 4×4’s, they can definitely point you in the right direction and give you some tips.

Things to Consider
There is plenty to consider when choosing a Knobby such as tire width, backspacing, fenderwell, etc.  Depending on your 4×4 your calculations will be different.  However some things to consider is to keep your 4×4 as low as possible when you got a big, beefy tire on it- this will ultimately give you the best performance.  However it does create a few problems and you may need to trim the fender and bumperstops to make sure it’s a decent fit.  While knobbies definitely add performance, they can be a pain to find a good fit for them.

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