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Ford F-Series Part III – Specs from 1966 to 1980

In 1967 Ford gave its Ford F-Series a total makeover with more engine options and new F’s to add to its already massive list. The F100 half ton was still around with the 5,600 rating, followed by the 101 with 4,200 GVWR, the F250 three quarter ton was still in the mix at the nearly same 7,500 GVWR, followed by its little brother the F-260 three quarter ton at 4,800 GVWR. After that comes the one ton F-350 at 10,000 GVWR, the 360 at 6,000 GVWR, then the 1 and a half ton 500 at 15k GVWR, and the 501 at 10k GVWR… followed then by the 600, 700, 750 and 800. The engines available for this era are the 3.9 and 4.9 Straight-6 engines again, with 150 and 170 horses respectively, along with the 5.8, 5.9, and 6.4 FE V8′s, and the new Windsor V8 4.9L which rumbles in at 220 horses.

In 1973 the truck was completely redesigned again and came with ever more engines and features to choose from, with a new numbering system too. Oh yes, they weren’t content with it being as complicated as it was, so they re-complicated it for all of us (actually they made it a slight bit easier). The F-100 was still around (although we’re drawing close to its finale) at the half ton 5,700 GVWR rating, followed by the forceful and new Ford F-150, commonly called the heavy half ton, which had a GVWR of 6,400 maximum and the F-150 a maximum payload of 2,275 lbs. Then continued on the line was the F-250 three quarter ton, the F350 full ton, F- 600. F-700, F750, and F-800. This era included several engines from the previous and a few new ones to boot. The newer ones were the Cleveland V8′s with a 5.8 and 6.6 that produced 163 and 169 horses respectively, along with a new Straight 6 4.9, which delivered 114 horses.

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