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Ford F-Series Part IV – The 80s

Well in 1980 the Ford Motor Company decided to yet again redesign the old Ford F-Series and did so with adding a new boxier kind of look, more 90 degree angles and flatter surfaces. Of course Ford kept the numbering system and cut out a few numbers and models. An interesting note is that there is a Ford F-Series F-200 being manufactured from 1976 until 91, except it is only marketed way down south in Mexico. In addition to this, the F-100 was dropped as the main base model of the Ford F-Series in 1983 – insuring it would not make it to the next era of Ford F-Series trucks. The numbering system from 1980 to 1986 is as follows: The F-100, F-150, F-200 (Mexico Only), F-250, F-350, F-600 (what happened to 4 and 5? Jimmy Hoffa knows – actually the 5 had been killed off two eras ago – while 4 had never been used up to this point with exception in the first era.), F-700 and F-800.

In 1987 Ford Motor Company went back and streamlined the truck while significantly modifying existing systems such as the anti lock brakes and also making maintenance much easier to accomplish – fuel injection engines were added to the lineup and in 1988 the carburetor was killed off, Ford did not support it anymore with their trucks. The F-Super Duty was added to the lineup and took the place of where a 400 series vehicle would go if it was present at the time. The Super Duty was delegated to heavier utilities and such, the numbering system looked odd in this time period with one truck actually having no number – and another popular truck being taken out back and shot. That’s right; the F-100 was dead. The Ford F-Series numbering are as follows: F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-Super Duty (why did they have to wait to give this a number…?) F-600, F-700, and F-800.

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