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Ford F-Series Part IX – Specs in 2004 to Today

Today the Ford F-Series comes win the normal front engine mounted design with either rear two wheel drive or four wheel drive, and three transmissions, being the four speed automatic, the five speed automatic and the six speed manual, it has a height of between seventy and eighty inches depending on the wheels used and comes in three lengths, 211 inches, 226 inches, and 229 inches. The vehicle has an all new platform called the P2 platform and has been in production since 2004. The P2 platform is going to replace the super duty trucks in the future with the P3 platform, and is also succeeded by the T1 platform (no not T-1, like the Terminator). The Ford F Series F-150 is capable, with the proper combination of engines and additions, of hauling an impressive and unmatched in-its-class 11,000 pounds of payload, and capable of carrying up to 3,000 pounds in the bed, additionally it has a dual tow hook design which uses a closed loop and can pull 30,000 pounds with just a single hook.

Several engines were added to the lineup since the older ones were all scrapped. The Essex V6 4.2 liter engine was added to the line upon first production and produced 202 horses, and is followed by the new Triton series, with the 4.6 and 5.4 V8 engines, capable of 231 and 300 horses between them respectively. The 6.8 V10 Triton is available in all truck designs above the F-150 (consisting of the Super Duty line) and produces 362 horses. From 2005 to 2007 the 6.0L Power Stroke turbo Diesel was available, it was a V8 that produced 325 horses. In 2008 a new Power Stroke will be added to line up and will be rated at 6.4L and be capable of 350 horses. There is also a smaller diesel engine in the works which will be made for the Ford F-150, meaning that the F-150 will be the only half-ton pickup truck capable of using a diesel engine and Ford Motor Company has said that the engine will be derived from the 3.6 that is used the Land Rovers. Currently there are no future plans to revise the Ford F-Series in the near future.

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