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Ford F-Series Part VII – Specs 1991-2004

In 1992 the truck was given a few new engines to choose from, while a few others were discontinues, along with the many firsts, like gas charged shocks, and improved handling. Also added which was new to the Ford F-Series would be the third brake light, a new interlock for the brake-shift, and a new kind of air conditioner that was chlorofluorocarbon free. The discontinued engines from this line total in all the engines it used, which were the IDI Diesel and turbo IDI diesel V8 (185 horses, and 190 horses respectively) the Windsor V8 5.8 Lightning, Windsor V8 5.8, Windsor 5.0 V8 (240 horses, 210 horses, and 185 horses respectively) along with the straight 6, the 385 V8, and the Power Stroke Diesel. It was during this period that Ford began to outsell Chevy and GMC trucks with the Ford F-Series for the first time combined in over ten years. The Ford F-Series F-150 half ton had a 6,250 GVWR, the F-250 three quarter ton had a 6,600 GVWR, the F-250 HD three quarter ton had a 9,000 GVWR, the F-350 one ton had a 10k GVWR, the F- Super Duty one ton had a 15,000 GVWR and was followed by the F-600, F-700, and F-800.

The Ford F-Series underwent a major overhaul in its design and where it was made, culminating in the new style of the Ford F-Series nose, and the reassignment of numbers along with the Super Duty truck names being given to a whole line, while two others were delegated to just being regular (and the 250 being regular lasted a year). There was a new four and five speed automatic transmission, with a six speed manual, and a new line of engine to choose from. The new Engines consisted of the Essex 4.2L V6 at 202 horses and was discontinued in 2003, the Triton 4.6L V8 220 horse engine, which was discontinued a year after 1997 and replaced with a new Triton 4.6L V8 engine that had 231 horses. The 5.4L Triton V8 had 235 horses, and was discontinued in 1998, being replaced by a new 5.4 Triton V8 which had 260 horses, the 5.4 Supercharged Triton V8 which had 360 horses was discontinued after only a year, but was replaced by both the Supercharged Triton 5.4 V8 Lightning and Harley Davidson, with 380 and 340 horses respectively between them. The V10 6.8L Triton was only made for a year in 1999 and had 275 horses, and was replaced by the newer design 6.8L V10 Triton which had 310 horses.

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