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Ford F-Series Part VIII – 2004 to Today

Today the Ford F Series is based on the 2004 revision of its design, bringing it into its eleventh generation. The Ford F Series uses the new P2 platform and new side windows which have been switched to a Kenworth model called “Daylight Door” with a more Super-Duty appearance for the F-150 line. initially only a few engines were offers, as all previous engines had been discontinued, and all the new F-series have a new kind of front tow hook, in that now they have two, with each one capable of 30,000 pounds without breaking. The Super Duty class has all new ratings and it has earned several awards. The F-150, the base model of the Ford F-Series, comes in seven different models starting at 19,000 dollars with the XL, and ending in the Harley Davidson which starts at 37,000 dollars. In 2005 over nine hundred thousand Ford F-Series trucks were sold in the United States and set a sales record for a single year.

In 2007 ford introduced a new package to their F-Series line called the FX2 Sports Package, which has a two wheel drive and other additions. The 2007 also came equipped with new features that allowed for greater tow capacities and became the highest towing pickup truck in its class with the additions. Currently there are the following Ford F Series models: The Ford F150, the F-250 Super Duty, the F-350 Super Duty, the F-450 Super Duty, the F-550 Super Duty, the F-650 Super Duty, and the F-750 Super Duty. As a side note the Ford F-Series tenth era F-150 is still manufactured and sold in Mexico as a cheaper alternative to the more modern models and is called the “heritage” model, having just a face lift to make it appear more like the modern Ford F-Series F-150 trucks.

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