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Ford Model A

This is about the later Ford Model A, being manufactured from 1927 to 1931.  The design came in many variations, and it was indeed one of Ford’s first truck lines as well to have been a success after the Model T variation, and the very first truck Ford introduced in 1900.  The Model A Open Cab Pickup and AA Chassis were ground breaking vehicles at the time with much improved capacity and towing ability. The vehicle was an early predecessor to the trucks we see today, as with all cars.  Overall this ancient little wonder as a pickup truck was quite powerful for the time, with an L-head 4 cylinder that would be rated today as a 3.3L, and it was able to use a three speed transmission with a reverse too.  The vehicle had four wheel brakes, and was able to stop relatively well.  The vehicle was well taken by the public; however Chevrolet had taken much of the market, beginning the still ever-present Chevy vs. Ford war.

Because of the way the fuel tank was situated in the old Model A’s engine, and the fact that it used a carburetor that was actually lower than the tank the vehicle overcame the problem at the time of fuel pumping – it did not require one at all.  Doubled in power from the long-running 20 horse Model T, the model A pickup and in fact all model A’s that were un-modded had 40 horses available, which was sufficient for that time period in common cars and trucks. Many of the Model A trucks and cars are still alive today, with some being hotrodded and others being restored.  The Model A pickup truck came in three different bed designs, with a flatbed, a sided bed, and also a canvas topped bed in the back to protect cargo from rain.  There were also some special orders for trucks that were full metal back but few have withstood the test of time.

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