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Ford Model T Pickup / Model TT

The Ford Model T pickup was derived from the Ford model T line of cars, and was the first truck introduced by ford to be rated at one ton – an impressive vehicle for the late 1900′s and indeed it lasted until the Ford model A came into production in 1927.  The Model T pickup, along with all other Model T vehicles, had a front mounted 2.9 L engine which was a four cylinder, which gave it a roaring 20 horses in 1908.  It had a two speed transmission and rear wheel drive, along with advancements made since the Model S, which came before the Model T.  The Model T engine underwent many improvements throughout its lifetime of over thirty years, having been manufactured until 1941 (due to demand by customers for replacements).

In 1910 valve covers were added to the engine, followed by the 1917 addition of higher heads with a larger water jacket.  In 1919 finally an engine starter was added, replacing the old way of starting the engine with a hand crank.  Throughout the twenties several other small engine changes were made, such as in 1920 the rods and pistons used lighter materials, the cylinder casting changed to add a single valve cover, the addition of an extra boss to the rear, and the carburetor throttle rod was routed in a different way over the engine itself.  The only major car design changes were the horn and small parts made out of brass being replaced and doors added with some small streamlines in design.  The Model TT Truck was added to the line in 1918 with a one ton rating and it was capable of having one more additional gear for hill climbing.   Overall for the era and time this truck occupied it was quite the wonder, able to help out in all situations and really lead the way to future designs and also shape what we have today.

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