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Ford Super Duty F350

For those 4×4 enthusiasts that need more than just a truck, one that definitely delivers is the Ford Super Duty F350.  While those that enjoy off roading won’t find the Super Duty F350 perfect for their tasks, this vehicle does offer a worthwhile off road configuration, plenty of options and most importantly the ability to tow and haul competently.

Ford Super Duty F350 ford super duty f350

Plenty of Configurations to Choose From
It should be noted that the Ford Super Duty F350 comes in a wide variety of configurations- including three different cab styles.  It also comes with two bed lengths, the choice between a manual and automatic transmission and three engines- so there is plenty of choices available making it easy to construct your perfect truck for your needs.  Besides all these configuration options, there are plenty of luxuries available as well. In fact, many now expect a little luxury in these full size trucks- especially when most use them all day long for work.

Nice Luxury, Decent Base Price
This Super Duty F350 comes with a very quiet and comfortable ride making it perfect for the open road and commute.  In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a better ride in any of its 1 ton rivals.  Some other features include a very nice FX4 trim level that includes 33 inch tires, rear limited slip, skid plates and Rancho shocks.  For those that interested in using this truck to tow heavy loads, you will find the Ford Super Duty F350 tops in it’s class and is a great performer.  There are also plenty of options available for those specifically purchasing this vehicle for tow usage.  Even the price tag is not that bad.  Its base price is $35,000 making this Ford Super Duty F350 definitely noteworthy to 4×4 enthusiasts.

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