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Ford Trucks

When it comes to the automotive market, Ford trucks have always been on top of the American truck world. Because of their sturdy design and reliable history, people have been purchasing Ford Trucks for decades. Today, they continue to improve their fleet of trucks, offering bigger and better models each year. Ford knows that its customers won’t settle for anything but the best and their Ford trucks are an indication of that.

The most popular of all of the Ford trucks is the F-150. The Ford F-150 has long been one of the most popular vehicles in all of America. For 23 straight years, this king of Ford trucks has been the top selling automobile in the United States. It has been the top selling truck in the United States for an astonishing 29 years. Since its arrival in 1948, the F-150 has seen numerous improvements.

This top seller of Ford trucks is very important to the company’s success. Company analysts estimate that the F-150 accounts for nearly half of the company’s total profits in a given year. Because of that, most of the company’s focus is on improving this vehicle. In 2007, the Ford F-150 will be in its eleventh stage. Over the previous ten stages, modifications were made to ensure that the F-150 remains on top of all Ford trucks and every other truck for that matter.

The F-150 is the best of the Ford trucks because its size provides drivers with enough power but a lot of comfort, as well. Unlike its fellow Ford trucks the F-250 and F-350, the F-150 doesn’t feel like an overpowering tank of a vehicle. Instead, it is almost like driving a nice passenger car with a ton of horsepower. That amount of versatility is why Ford trucks have reigned over the industry for so many years and will continue to do so in the future.

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