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Freightliner Motor Homes

Freightliner is known as one of the premier truck manufacturers, and one of the most successful companies in the United States – it is after all a Daimler Chrysler Company.  In 1995 they established the FCCC, or Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation to manufacture vehicle chassis for walk in cabs, motor homes, school; busses and commercial busses.  The company offers two models with various sub models of chassis for you to have your motor home on – however they do not do the full manufacture of the home itself.  They merely supply the Chassis involved.

The XC Chassis:  Freightliner’s Motor Home XC Chassis is according to them, their most popular chassis for a motor home.  It has a Cummins ISB 5.7 Liter diesel engine with 300 horsepower as one of its options – however it will also work with the Mercedes-Benz MBE which is a 7.2 liter diesel that runs at 330 HP, and thirdly they offer the Cummins ISL, and 8.9 liter diesel that ranges from 350 to 400 HP.  It uses an Allison transmission of either the 3000MH or the 2500MH and has weight ratings of 9,350 in the front to 14,600 and 17,500 to 20,000 in the back.  It uses a R-134A air conditioning compressor to keep the vehicle cool and a 160 am or 200 amp electrical 12 volt system for the electricity. 

This model is the one that is most popular with motor home manufacturing corporations across the USA and it proves itself to be a reliable and defect free product on the road, and off the road.  There are ever more upgrades and fine tunings being made, but the design is so well done no major overhauls have been needed.  If you’re looking to buy a motor home for your needs, make sure it has the  Freightliner’s Motor Home XC Chassis in it – that way you know it is one of the best.

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