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Fuel Types of Lift Trucks

Lift Trucks can be classified in several ways. One way is via fuel type. Lift trucks can come in electric, AC/DC models, regenerative braking models, fast recharging models, LP (liquid propane) and gas and diesel. Here is some information regarding each type of fuel source.

Electric Lift Trucks

Electric lift truck vehicles are primarily designed for indoor use only. They give off no fumes and operate very quietly. Electric lift trucks are possibly the most popular type of indoor lift truck in service. They use automotive batteries that can be recharged. It should be noted that there are a wide variety of battery types available and depending on your use (single shift, double shift, 24 hour use) can determine the type of battery you need. Usually, extra battery packs are sold for lift trucks that work more than one shift in a 24 hour period. It also should be noted that batteries can be sold individually or sealed.

AC/DC Lift Trucks

Lift trucks that work with AC power do not require a plug, but convert electricity from a DC battery to AC to run an alternate current motor. The benefits of an AC/DC fuel source is usually better efficiency and lower maintenance costs due to the fact that alternate current motors are generally more reliable.

Regenerative Braking Lift Trucks

Another type of lift truck fuel source is regenerative braking; this technology uses the power of a braking lift truck to recharge the batteries. Similar to hybrid car technology, regenerative braking can save you money on electricity costs.

Fast Charging Lift Trucks

While batteries are extremely effective and reliable to power lift trucks indoors, the main downside is that it can take hours to recharge batteries. One way to increase a lift trucks use, especially when it is needed for multiple shifts each day is to use fast charging batteries. Fast charging lift trucks are usually more expensive, but their prices have been dropping over time and are becoming extremely popular.

Liquid Propane (LP)

While electric vehicles are perfect for indoor use, liquid propane lift trucks can also operate safely indoors (however heavy use does require adequate ventilation). Liquid propane, which is also known to power barbeques can come in a variety of sizes and is perfect for those vehicles that are used both indoors and outdoors- since moisture is not necessarily a problem.

Gasoline & Diesel

Gasoline and diesel lift trucks are for outdoor use only, usually very affordable to operate and very reliable. Gasoline and Diesel lift trucks are perfect for almost any outdoor industrial or commercial application.

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