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GMC Syclone

The GMC Syclone was a high performance version of the GMC Sonoma truck that was produced for one year. It was at one point the quickest stock pickup truck being produced in the world, with its power coming from the turbo charged engines. It was a limited production run of just under three thousand made and it quite the collectible. It had a four speed automatic transmission and was made exclusively in black with no other color options available. There were also two other special editions offered of the Syclone, the Marlboro Syclone which included a new paint job and wheels. Only ten of these were produced and released. The second was the Indy Syclone, which was used at the Indianapolis 500 race in 1992, with the only real change being the sticker package, and this was all that was modified besides one that had a multi colored silver magenta and aqua paint scheme along with a molded light bar on the roof.

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The Syclone was powered by the LB4 turbo V6 which gave it a 280 horse rating and was turbo-charged and inter cooled. It was the first to use multi-port fuel injection on a Vortec V6 engine, and was considered a technological breakthrough advancement for the engine company in 1991. The Syclone was planned to be produced in 1992 however only three ever came out of it because the vehicle was canned, meaning for 1992 only three vehicles were built, while in the previous year the number was 2995. In the 1992 year more colors would have been offered and sold to the public with a possible double in size production run. As a performance truck it was the top of the line for the time, however it sadly did not meet cooperate expectations of being something more, and because of this the axe was handed down, making this small 2995 car run a very rare find, and is oft coveted by its owners.

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