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Guide to What to Take on a 4×4 Excursion

Whether you are hitting the desert, the snow or almost any off road trail, there are definitely items that one should think about when taking their vehicle for a 4×4 excursion.  While we usually feel safe in our vehicles, trails sometimes surprise even the most advanced 4×4 enthusiasts.  Besides being on alert at all times, you should carry some items and plan ahead when hitting the trails.  Here are some tips.

Guide to What to Take on a 4x4 Excursion off road excursion

Plan Ahead
First off, it’s a great idea to plan ahead, especially for a fairly long excursion.  Don’t just decide to hit a trail without knowing about it.  While 4x4ing is fun, it can also be very dangerous.  Carry a few maps of any large trails you are on, many times one map has less or more information and even some maps disagree with each another.

The Buddy System Works Well
Besides planning your trip, it’s always best to use the buddy system.  While one vehicle is fine, you may find that you have more fun and ultimately safer when other vehicles join you on the trails.

Do a Vehicle Inspection
While it sounds like common sense, many go off roading without making sure their truck, jeep or SUV is fit for the trails at hand.  Make sure you do a good inspection and do any maintenance at home before hitting the road.

Bring a Spare Tire
While you may want to make sure you have enough room for all your camping supplies, a spare tire is a necessity.  Usually a tire is the first item from your vehicle to get damaged, so bring one along and make sure before hand that it fits- don’t use a tiny spare.

Safety and First Aid Supplies
Depending on the trails you are hitting and the environment, make sure you have enough supplies for a night or two in case your vehicle gets stuck.  This includes water, food, heat tablets, etc.  In addition, make sure you have towing supplies, a cell phone and of course a first aid kit.

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