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Hauling Heavy Loads

If you own a pick up truck, SUV or even a Jeep, one of the reasons you probably bought these vehicles is the ability to haul and tow heavy loads.  Unlike a car, trucks are the perfect way to haul furniture, work materials and a trailer.  However, if you are towing the first time, you should definitely be aware of the things that can cause you grief when towing and even reduce safety.  Here are just a few tips on hauling heavy loads with your 4×4.

Hauling Heavy Loads hauling heavy loads

The Right Vehicle for the Right Job
First off, you need the right vehicle for the right job.  Every vehicle has a set amount of weight it can tow or haul safely.  Make sure you check with your owner’s manual and figure out if the vehicle you are using can safely tow or haul the required materials.

Tires, Brakes and Transmission
When hauling or towing any amount of weight, you are putting extra strain on your vehicle.  While most trucks are made for heavy duty work, make sure your tires, brakes and transmission are in good working condition before you tow or haul.  For instance, tires should be inflated to the proper level to ensure proper handling.  Brakes should be in good working condition, because it is much tougher to stop when you have a few thousand extra pounds on your vehicle or behind you.  Also your transmission can be pushed to its limits when hauling items uphill or for long distances.

Make Sure You Have the Right Hitch
There are plenty of hitches available including the ball hitch, rapid hitch and standard hitch.  First, make sure that your hitch is in good shape.  Also make sure the wiring and brake lights for your trailer you are towing are in good working order.  Following these simple tips can help you tow and haul materials safely.

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