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Heated Tank Truck Trailers

Heated Tank Truck Trailers are trailers that haul liquid across vast distances.  You see them when gasoline trucks pass you on the highway – however they are not heated.  Heated tank truck trailers are usually heavily modified with fuel lines and a way to generate the heat, and are found most commonly in colder regions where the contents of the tank trailer needs to be heated or else it will freeze and cause massive problems for the transportation of said materials.  Some are the same shape and size as a gas tanker while others have a diminished capacity in order to carry the payload and the extra equipment for heating – as it is likely to need its own fuel supply and generator.  These heated tank trailers are usually towed around by semi trucks and are constantly monitored by an automatic system that keeps the core temperature of whatever is in the tank at the desired level – much as a cooling tanker truck would do if it is hauling something that must be kept cool and contained across warmer areas. 

When the liquid is poured into the heated tank it is at the desired temperature already – and that keeps the heating expense on the truck lower – rather than have the truck heat it from room temperature.  In colder climates some thing which would normally be kept at a moderate temperature during the summer may need to be loaded inside a large warmed warehouse so that it does not chill during the loading – and many of the valves are also heated to provide an extra amount of protection for the heated material.  If the material was – lets say hot wax, you could see how a lower temperature could have consequences.  Valves and pipes could clog up, as with many other materials that become solid-like when a certain lower temperature is reached.