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Heavy Duty Brakes for Your Truck

For those that drive trucks just to commute back and forth to work or to take the family to the mall, the brakes that usually come with your vehicle are more than good for the weight that you are carrying.  However, if you use your truck or SUV for heavy hauling or towing, you should definitely consider upgrading your brakes for heavy duty workloads.  Here are some tips on what you should look for when upgrading your brakes.

Heavy Duty Brakes for Your Truck heavy duty brake

For many light trucks and SUV’s, braking is extremely important.  Besides your safety and the safety of others, you also have a large load or items being towed that you have to be worried about.  While most vehicle manufacturers are pretty good when offering capable brakes, if you are consistently hauling large loads or towing items, upgrading your brakes to a set of heavy duty ones are a good idea.  First off, you will want to look for brake pads that are quite capable of reducing heat (friction) quickly.  The quicker friction is released, usually the faster and more capable your brakes can stop your vehicle.  With all the weight behind your vehicle, you will have to go beyond the regular set of brake pads and get yourself high performance brake pads made out of top materials that include ceramics and special fibers.

In addition to high performance brake pads, also look into purchasing new rotors that also help to dissipate heat quickly.  Rotors generally should be replaced when a new set of brakes are installed.  In addition, make sure that your brake cables and fluid are topped off and in good working order. Since every vehicle is different, it is always a good idea to talk to a professional to make sure you get the very best braking power for your specific use.

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