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Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a mid sized pickup that is considered a crossover vehicle produced by, well, if you cannot read, Honda.  A crossover, of course is a vehicle of uni-body design, that is more fuel efficient but capable and strong.  The advantages are in handling which is much more stable in sudden maneuvers, lighter and more fuel efficient, and also cheaper than their counterparts.  It also makes manufacture much easier to build and faster to drive.  The design gives the Honda Ridgeline two and a half times more rigidity and twenty times more torsional rigidity than would otherwise be found with regular ladder framed vehicles.  It has a five thousand pound towing capacity and a one thousand pound bed capacity, making it a fairly capable mid-sized truck.

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The vehicle has a twenty two gallon fuel tank and comes with only a five speed automatic transmission, along with one available engine that suffice to say does the job it needs to do.  It is a 3.5L 247 horsepower V6 engine and can handle the load given to it.  With the technological advancements in frame construction implemented in this design it also caters to other needs of its human occupants (basically a lot of goodies).  It has XM radio or Sirius, well; both now that the merger is taking place, along with a good assortment of audio options and a six CD changer.  Other technological advancements are the Honda branded four wheel drive system for traction, which means that it can operate in front wheel drive normally, but automatically switches to four wheel drive when it senses a loss of traction, and it can also be locked in other gears.  Overall this vehicle combines a good ratio for hauling along with capabilities extended to use in day to day living with a good fuel economy and otherwise good handling with the anti-slipping traction system.

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