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Horse Trailers

This trailer is commonly used for transporting horses from one place to another. It’s noticeable when you’re driving down the highway, a large trailer with an animal is inside – plus the unbearable stench which accompanies the horses in travel – and the driver seems to be carefully driving down the road as to not startle the horse. These trailers are another necessity for driving horses down to races, to sell to others, or any other reason these trailers could come in handy.

 Horse Trailers horse trailer 1

There are many different designs, ranging from the size of your horse, or the number of horses you want to transport. Some designs are capable of holding up to 6 or 8 horses, usually pulled with an SUV or pickup truck. The smaller unit designs are able to carry 2 or 3 horses, and are still a fine tool to have when you want to go on a road trip and deliver your horse around the country. The most fitting pickup truck to tow one of these trailers would be a 1 ton dually-style pickup truck; for delivering horses with an easy ride along with it.

 Horse Trailers horse trailer 2

Trailer’s confined on the bottom, and slats to improve the ventilation with the horses. These are called stock trailers, and are one of the least expensive trailers you could find, easily maneuverable and capable of trailing highways with easy care and comfort for you, and your steeds.

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Competitions play an effect on the trailers. Usually a trailer that a horse rides in is fancy and has refined colors to depict a more care-free outlook on things. Safety and comfort are two notches on the “have to” list for all trailers. Horses that are expected to be in tip top shape are usually the ones with the most detailed trailers that are suitable on the inside for the, and suitable on the outside for good looks and charm.

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