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How to Build a Trailer?

It is quite obvious that you want to build your own trailer as it can save a lot of money for you. You can make your own choices while building it and add some personal features. There are a series of steps, following which you can easily build your trailer.

Are you planning to build your own trailer? This article can provide you some good tips and guide you in the process.

Before building your trailer, make sure of the exact length which you want. Trailers are generally 10′ in length and 6′ in width. The materials you need for building a trailer are 102′ of angle iron, axle and wheel assembly, leaf spring assemble of 25′ in length, female end of trailer hitch, 35″x36″ sheet metal, boards, wheels and tires. The required tools are cutting torch, welding equipment, hammer, large c-clamp, impact wrench and sockets and metal marking chalk.

How to Build a Trailer? custom trailer

You should choose a good axle kit along for your trailer, considering the weight capacity, frame, suspension and the height. Firstly cut the main frame pieces and weld them by using a good welder and a cut off saw. Test the flatness and the shape before taking further steps.

Secondly, position the axle depending on the trailer. For example, you have to position the axle towards the gravity centre if you are using a tilting trailer. Calculate the tongue weight and you can use nearly 5% of the weight of the trailer as your tongue weight.

The next step will be to centre the axle with the frame as this is one of the most critical points which should not be ignored. Remember to keep the axle in line with the frame’s centre line. You can check the distance between the hitch and wheels which should be equal in order to be sure that the tracking is done straight. The tongue has to be made centered and square to the frame so to make the axle more centered on the frame.

After this you can mount the tongue to a cross bar and also ahead of the axle making the frame upside down. Generally, a solid round bar should be at the end, leaving a square tube forming the tongue. You should use two mounting tabs, each having half inch holes and place a round bar between them. This mechanism helps in the pivot action which is required for the trailer.

In the next step, attach the latch which prevents the trailer from tilting. You should latch to something keeping in mind that it doesn’t fall out of place. You can use welding services to weld all these into the system. It is recommended to use angle iron for reinforcing the fenders, using them as mounting points for different purposes. An angle iron should be used to create the rails on the sides. To strengthen the overall of the system, you can attach fenders at the sides.

Lastly, you can use two pieces of angle iron welded together for the vertical pieces present at the back. You should make a good ground connection between the pivots which helps in dimming the tail lights. Before you start painting your trailer, don’t forget to remove the surface rust making it long lasting.

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