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How to Repair Rear Truck Window Seal

A lot of us will need to complete some auto repair work on our trucks especially with our rear window seal because it is not working as it should be. You should know that you might have to replace your window seal but you don’t need to worry it can be fixed without having to spend a lot of money and won’t take a lot of time either so here is how you can repair you rear trucks window seal.

This is what you are going to need;

  • Soap and water
  • A screwdriver
  • Nylon cord
  • Trim stick

How to Repair Rear Truck Window Seal Repair Rear Truck Window Seal

You need to firstly remove the trim that might be around your rear window but this is easy to do; you need to get inside your car and open the window in question to remove your window seal.  There will probably be a few things that keep the seal in place like a clip so you can remove these and then remove your trim.  You will need your trim stick to do this so take care.

Next you need to pry off your old seal so you need to get inside of the truck and take your screwdriver and start to remove the seal.  Now the seal is made from rubber and you will have to pry it off with your screwdriver.

Now you need to take out the glass from your window.  You need to remove your rubber seal gasket which you have done in the previous step and while you are doing this then you can help remove your glass.  You don’t want to force the glass out but be careful and gentle while you remove the glass otherwise you might crack the glass or drop it out of the frame, in which case you will need to have an auto glass repair service.  You can slowly remove the glass and then remove the rest of it when you step outside the truck and do so from there.

Now you need to remove your gasket seal; after you have removed your glass window then you are going to have to remove the old gasket seal from your window and can move on to your next step.

Now you can install your new gasket seal; you should have your new seal so you need to install it by putting this into your rear window.  You need to put this around the edge but you need to have this secure in place at your window; you could use a nylon cord to do this part and sew it through your seal securing it.

You will need to add your lubrication to your seal; you should use some hot soapy water for this part and put it around your seal and the frame of the window also.

Now you can put back in your window again; get someone else to help you so you don’t drop the window and have to repay to get another window put in.  You need to help put the window back by taking the nylon cord and help slip back through into its frame. If you feel like you can use some professional help, look for a auto glass repair shop they may offer to help you with your Window Seal repair.

Now you have repaired your window seal.

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