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How to Repair Scratches in Truck Paint

When you have a truck then you will need to get some repair works done a lot of the times. If the vehicle is new, you are going to have a few repairs needed because of general wear and tear. Your body panels will often get some marks and scratches to it and then you may need to go to your local garage for an auto paint correction and other services.

you can do this yourself without costing you too much.

What you will need to get:


  • A sponge and bucket
  • Water
  • Wax polish
  • Cloth – non lint
  • Car leather
  • Machine polisher
  • P1500 Wet-and-Dry paper
  • Absorbent paper
  • Rubber sanding block
  • Polishing compound

How to Repair Scratches in Truck Paint Repair Scratches in Truck Paint

You need to start off by cleaning up your panel; you need to get a bucket of water and a sponge and start cleaning the truck, you could get all of the truck cleaned if you want since you are going to be cleaning a part of it anyway.  Take away any dirt you find and then dry with some absorbent paper so that is minimizes the damages to your car.

When it comes to the scratches on your car then you will have to fix this by removing these with getting some wet and dry paper and sanding the area down so that you can keep the right color to your car but lose the scratches to it also.  You don’t want to sand too much and lose half of your paintwork so do be careful with this part.

Wetting the sandpaper could really help stop any more scratches from appearing on your car but it shouldn’t be roughly applied but gently.  You should try this with a small area first so that you can get the hang of how this part should be done.  You don’t want to go on for minutes at a time so stop every five seconds to see if you can still see the scratch and if not then continue until the marks are away.

Now you need to start polishing your car; you need to clean it first however so wash it and then clean your panel up by using some absorbent paper.  Now you can bring that shine back to your beautiful truck; you need to get some polish but you will need to use only a small amount of polish however.  You could get a mechanical polisher to help speed up the process long enough but you should just work on the parts which need to be polished up so that you can get a lovely shine to your truck.

If you find that there are a lot of scratches still then you should try to use some wax to help cover up any scratches there may be on your car.  You shouldn’t be using too much wax otherwise you might damage the paintwork so take an old cloth and use a little bit of wax and then add to your car in a circular wave so that you can get a great looking car and finish to the car.

Now you have repaired the scratched to your truck and have a truck as good as new. On the other hand, if you notice some dents in your vehicle, you may need a dent repair service at an auto shop. There are also paintless dent repair services that can help remove the dents in your truck.

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