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How to Repair Sprayed on Truck Bed Liner

If you have a truck then you could get yourself a bed liner for the truck; this would be great for any truck driving jobs and if you ever plan to sell the truck then it could increase your price of what you could sell your car for, just make sure to get a trailer repair if needed so your truck is driving smoothly before you sell it.  These bed liners can help protect your truck but just like everything else out there you could find that there is some damage done to the bed liner which needs to be fixed for the truck to be completely once more.

If you want to find out how to then follow these rules to help you do your own repair work without all that hassle; here is what you will need.

  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Paint tray
  • Cloth
  • Tape
  • Steel wool

How to Repair Sprayed on Truck Bed Liner Repair Truck Bed Liner

  • Rags
  • Thick bristled nylon paintbrush
  • Spray truck bed liner
  • Paint sprayer
  • Step 1 is to prepare your truck for the impending work needed to be done;

Now you need to make sure that your car and its surface it clean and tidy so that you can start your repair work without any problems.  You should try to do this in your garage if you have a lot of light in there or out on the driveway so that you can get a lot of the sun shining down onto your car so that you can see properly.  Get some detergent and water and use an old rag to start washing off the dirt on the car and then dry the car off.

If you find there are any rusting beginning to happen then you need to take a piece of steel wool and then remove all of the dirt around it.  You can now sprayer on some liner on.

  • Step 2 is to start filling the breaks;

If you have a big area in which has been damaged then you are going to have to repair this but it won’t actually take an hour or so to replace so you need to start with spraying the car.

You should get a paint sprayer which has an air compressor so you can work evenly around your truck bed liner; if you don’t want to spray all of the car then seal off the part which you don’t want to before you start spraying.

When you spray you should make sure that you follow all of the instructions that comes with your paint sprayer but don’t go overboard with this just a thin layer over the damaged area.  Only a few inches of where the damage is should you use your spray so that you can attach your liner.

  • Step 3 – you need to fix your imperfections on the car;

You need to put your liner material into your paint tray and put your brush into this tray and then begin to work on your damaged area.  If you have only a small area that has been damaged then just let the material drip down onto the area but let this settle for a few days to make sure that it is all dry.

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