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How to Use Fast Gun Camper Tie Downs?

Fast gun camper tie downs are a useful tool and help you in avoiding unforeseen events when you take your campers during trips to campgrounds, mountain or beach. It’s easy to use it and takes less than 20 minutes to get assembled.

Campers can be considered perfect in case you’re opting for trips to campgrounds, mountain or the beach. Packing all the necessary tools involved on such excursions is certainly very much imperative. However, it takes only seconds for your dream vacation to become a nightmare once the camper detaches from the truck, which you’re driving. In such a scenario, fast gun camper tie downs will be vital tool for securely the transport of your camper along with everything present inside it.

Required Tool

Fast Gun Camper Tie Downs

How to Use Fast Gun Camper Tie Downs? fast gun camper tie downs

What you need to follow to use it?

  • Tie Downs

The construction of tie down of a camper can come with binding of load-type or lever-type instruments. The tie-down mechanism might be utilized for attaching a truck-to-truck camper. It may also consist of cushioning members, which are used for absorbing tension loads that are enacted between tie down’s first & second end. Tie down mechanisms can also comprise of a removable handle, which can be used for enacting binding mechanism that function similar to a lever.

  • Form of Fast Guns

Fast gun camper tie down is amongst the best ones available in the market. Each of these solid steel pieces is made with quite noticeable precision. It consists of a stainless steel square barrel and a trigger lock. They also comprise of indicators and springs for relieving its spring tension. This prevents the springs from compressing the amount needed. Fast gun camper tie down is built for preventing internal rust. This helps in increasing your tie downs life. Again, Fast gun camper tie down is the only turnbuckle available in the market, which can be locked.

  • Function of Fast Gun

Many features of fast gun camper tie down makes it easy for usage. No extra tool is necessary. It saves your time, effort and leaves you with enough time to enjoy the trip. Smooth lever actions allow you for quickly operating the tie downs.

  • Need for Speed

Fast gun camper tie down is also amongst the fastest ones in the market, as they increase leveling process. They do so by permitting you to level the camper while it’s attached to your truck. Therefore, you are avoiding necessity of utilizing leveling blocks beneath your wheels.

  • Installation of Tie Down

When you install tie downs, certain procedure needs to be followed. Back tie down needs to be installed first, which should be followed by front tie-downs. It requires more skill and time than rear ones.

  • Mounted to the frame

Fast gun camper tie down is mounted on the truck’s frame. For producing less expensive truck with better fuel-efficiency, makers construct light truck beds. Simultaneously, constructed truck campers become heavier. Thus, frame is only option in modern trucks for securely fastening the tie down.

  • Solid as Bolts

Half-inch bolt holds fast gun camper tie down through truck’s frame. You do it by using frame holes created on assembly line. Therefore, there is no requirement of drilling for installing these tie downs. Tie down is sold with lifetime guarantees that cover tie-down, camper anchor and even truck’s frame.

Record time for installing fast gun tie downs is only 17 minutes! So, come out and beat the clock.

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