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Hummer H3T

The Hummer epitomizes the 4×4 vehicle.  Originally made for military purposes, this vehicle received world wide acclaim and became a hallmark of GM during the early 2000’s.  While the Hummer is usually on the worst green vehicle lists year after year for incredibly poor fuel efficiency, thousands continue to buy this huge 4×4.  The Hummer easily conveys toughness, authority and brute strength and with the 2009 H3T model also practicality.

Hummer H3T hummer h3t

The 2009 H3T Impresses
This Hummer is based on the H3 vehicle which has gained some notoriety as being a mid-size truck that still packs the design cues of the original and larger Hummers.  Besides offering a 5 seat crew cab, it also offers plenty of functionality with a large enough 1.5 meter bed.  This way you get both a cross over of a pick up truck, SUV and some may say a Jeep.  With so much to offer it is no reason that this vehicle should be a success the coming year even in a down market for the auto industry.

Highlights of the Hummer H3T
There are two engines available with the H3T and they include:  a 3.7 liter with limited power- only creating 273 horsepower, but offering decent fuel economy and a larger 5.3 liter V8 creating 300 hp and 320 lbs of torque.  Besides the engines the H3T comes with quite a list of highlights including a full time four wheel drive with monster 32 inch tires.  Rear view camera system, skid plates, hill start assist, a variety of suspensions offered and much more.

Bottom Line
The 2009 Hummer H3T looks like a winner and is full to the brim with plenty of features that definitely add value.  For those looking for an extreme vehicle that offers plenty of practicality on and off road the H3T definitely delivers.

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