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Hybrid Trucks

You are probably familiar with hybrid cars- generally compact size cars that get great gas mileage such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight, however for those that thought hybrid trucks would make their entrance into the showroom far in the future, you will be interested to know that hybrid trucks are available right now in many auto dealer showrooms.  In fact, a few auto companies (GM, GMC, Ford, Toyota and Lexus) currently have hybrid trucks or SUV’s available for purchase.

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Why a Hybrid Truck?

A hybrid truck makes perfect sense for those owners that want to save on gas and improve their emissions.  Hybrid trucks generally have much better fuel economy than a regular gasoline or diesel truck and the emissions that a hybrid trucks releases into the air is significantly lower than normal trucks – making hybrid trucks a much more responsible choice.

Hybrid Trucks and Performance

Generally speaking, hybrid trucks perform quite well and are as reliable as normal trucks in general day to day driving.  You should expect slightly less performance, especially acceleration 0 to 60, but for most drivers, the drop in performance is generally negligible and well worth the trade off for better gas mileage and reduced emissions.

Hybrid Trucks for Commercial Purposes

If you rely on your current truck for heavy duty hauling and solid reliability, you might want to wait a few years until hybrid trucks have been perfected.  While hybrid trucks do perform well, for heavy duty lifting, nothing yet is available in hybrid form that performs on par with heavy duty gasoline or diesel engines.

The Cost of Hybrid Trucks

For the most part hybrid trucks generally cost more at the point of sale, but you can usually save on gasoline costs over the period of time that you own the vehicle.  It should be noted that even with the gasoline savings, common gasoline cars are still more cost effective over the life of the vehicle.   However, for those willing to pay a premium for a greener vehicle, hybrid trucks make an excellent choice.

Hybrid Trucks – The Trucks of the Future

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