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Increase Horsepower in Your Truck

For many truck owners, getting the most performance out of their truck is of supreme importance.  Over the last two decades or so, there have been plenty of innovations that both increased horsepower and torque substantially, but even with these advances many owners want more power.  So how do you pump up horsepower and performance easily and affordably?  Here are a few tips that have been proven to work.

Increase Horsepower in Your Truck engine supercharger

Increase Air Flow to Your Engine
One of the ways to always increase performance is to increase airflow (specifically oxygen) which is the catalyst that burns with the fuel and creates power for your vehicle.  By allowing your truck to breathe in air better you can usually increase horsepower in the range of 5 to 20 hp.  Some of the methods used to increase hp this way include installing bigger air filters, reduce intake piping and using polished intake manifolds which are very helpful at cutting back on the resistance of air.  Many of these items are easy to install and very affordable.

Use a Chip
Just like there are plenty of car chips available, your truck can also benefit from a chip.  Keep in mind that when boosting performance, you usually decrease fuel efficiency and you may even increase emissions.  However, if you are looking for some serious power, a chip can come pre programmed with settings that give your truck some extra oomph and performance.

Add a Larger Exhaust
Another easy way to increase horsepower and performance is to add a larger exhaust.  Whether it is the manifold, muffler or pipes, making the exhaust exit your vehicle easier will usually bump up horsepower 5 or 10 horses.

So, if you want to get the most performance out of your vehicle, follow these tips to add some extra power and horses to your trucks arsenal.

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