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Increasing your Truck Fuel Economy

With fuel prices on the rise at an astounding levels, driving long distances for drivers has became a concerning fact for everybody that drives. You can get some great tips to raise your gas mileage that you are currently getting with your truck. All you have to do is a little research on the internet. By keeping your tires inflated to the proper level, deciding to buy a more fuel efficient truck, to even watch what fuel you are putting into your truck, these are all things that can increase the gas mileage that you are getting with your truck. Even the type of oil you put into your truck, when you get your oil changed, makes a difference with your mileage.

Now, people who own trucks don’t realize the after market parts that they put into their truck can increase the mileage that they can get with their vehicle. For those people who own diesel trucks, they can really improve the mileage that they could be getting from their vehicle by making sure that they have fresh oil in the truck. This will give you an increase in mileage and make your engine last a whole lot longer. Here are a few parts that you can get to increase the mileage out of your truck.

Increasing your Truck Fuel Economy air intake system

You can get an air intake system which is almost like an air filter. If you have a dirty air filter, the air your engine needs to run properly is not getting to the engine stopping the fuel from igniting right in the cylinder. The air that passes through the clogged filter gets deposited on the valves and the surface of the piston preventing the plug to fire right. To get the proper air flow through your engine it is recommended that you change your air filter every time you change your oil. If you feel or hear your engine working harder that is should, check your air filter first.

One brand of an air intake system is the Expose intakes. This part is an aftermarket part that increases the air flow to the cylinders, producing a greater boost of combustion in the cylinder and giving your truck more power and torque. Expose intakes are made for many different makes and models, so you will be able to find the intake you what. These intakes are made of rubber, metal, silicone and other compound materials.

You can also increase the gas mileage of you truck by replacing your exhaust system. Your gas mileage is affected by the amount of back pressure your exhaust system puts on your engine during the compression stroke. If you increase the amount of back pressure that your exhaust system puts out, you can increase the mileage your truck gets. This is done by putting the unused gas back into the cylinder to during the compression stroke, giving your motor more power and more torque making your motor work a lot less. Be careful with this though, because to much back pressure can blow out the rings around the piston.

Many different makes and models are made to fit any type of truck made today so you don’t have to worry about if you are going to find one that will fit your truck. Some of these exhaust systems are specifically built if you have a turbocharger or something else that you will need more or less back pressure for your engine to make your truck run at peak performance.

Re-programming your vehicle’s computer can optimize its duty to give you the best fuel mileage your truck can get. The electrical components also can be calibrated to the way drive your truck. So if you want to set your vehicle up for optimal gas mileage, you can or if you want more power, you can do that to. The different dynamics of your computer setting can greatly increase and decrease the output of engine.

With just a few simple changes like that were mentioned above you can greatly increase the gas mileage of you vehicle. The after market parts above can be found at your local auto parts store but the parts come with a price but well worth the money you spend. You will make the money back by just driving your truck with the amount of gas you will be saving.

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