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Infiniti EX Luxury Crossover

The Infiniti name plate which arrived on the scene now close to 20 years ago is finally hitting its groove and creating a wide variety of top quality and stylish products.  No matter whether you like luxury, sport or utility, you will find it easily in the current Infinity line up.  One of the more attractive choices that Infiniti has created is the EX luxury crossover vehicle.  Since gas prices have changed the way automakers and customers now think about big, hefty SUV’s a crossover such as the Infiniti EX is quite popular and trendy.  This crossover definitely doesn’t disappoint with great styling that is easily recognizable as Infinity and a long list of performance and luxuries found in this vehicle.

Infiniti EX Luxury Crossover infiniti ex luxury crossover

Under the Hood
Under the hood of the Infiniti EX luxury crossover, you will feel the performance as the engine produces 297 horsepower and 253 lb ft of torque.  The power plant is a 3.5 liter 24 valve aluminum alloy block which includes a high flowed tuned induction system.  Matched with this powerful engine is a 5 speed automatic transmission with a few bells and whistles to make your shifting smoother and more efficient.  It should also be noted that the EX is available in a rear wheel drive model or AWD model.  By the way this crossover gets decent mileage with highway mileage in the low to mid 20’s.

Lots of Luxury
As luxury is concerned, there is plenty of it in the EX.  Besides the push button ignition that will make many think of a Ferrari, the interior is made from fine materials, good leather and a wealth of conveniences whether for mom transporting the kids or dad dealing with a long commute.  With all these great features, we are surprised that this vehicle comes in at a decent price point- about $36K.

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