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Jeep Comanche

The Jeep Comanche was a pickup truck that was manufactured by jeep from 1986 until 1992, and it was considered a compact pickup truck, with a design that had a two door two person front cab and a front engine with rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.  It use the jeep MJ platform and came with four different engines over its life span ranging from the 2.1 Renault turbo diesel four stroke to the 4 Liter AMX V6 engine – it had a total of six different transmission to choose from, ranging from three speed to four speed automatics, and a five speed manual.   What made the Jeep Comanche a unique vehicle and truck was its style as a uni-body vehicle, where the entire truck came in one piece rather than other traditional methods of slapping a bed into the truck.  The Comanche was the first to do this, having a cheaper manufacturing cost from it and in addition to reducing costs this way they based the entire vehicle design on their already popular Jeep Cherokee.  It came in both a short and long frame design.

The engine power this vehicle could hold would run from the 4.0 L AMCE in line six that gave it a hundred and seventy three horses, which was sixty more than the first V6 they had originally with the first production model.   When Dodge’s parent corporation Chrysler bought out the parent of Jeep the Comanche became a relic, with the phase out imminent.  They would receive only minor changes until the final year in 1992 when it was completely discontinued.  It remains a very good truck and by today’s standards an extremely reliable one that is still used and looked for by car and truck owners.  It could be said the Comanche was a truck that should have not been discontinued.

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