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Jeep Forward Control

The Jeep Forward Control was originally a truck produced from 1956 to 1965. In ’57 the Forward Control Jeep was developed and produced from 1957 to 1965. These (FC) Jeeps could be used for military, civilian, and corporal purposes depending on governmental status. There are many variations of the Forward Control Jeeps, such as the FC-150, FC-170, and the FC-170 DRW. The FC-150 had been presented in ’56 accompanied with an 81 inch wheelbase and a 78 inch bed. Nearly identical to the CJ-5 (based on a military Jeep during the Korean War) except fitted with a pickup bed and a flat-faced cab bestriding atop of the engine, the FC-150 supported a four-cylinder F-head Hurricane engine which pumped out 72 HP and about 114lb-ft of torque. To help with stability the FC-150 shifted from a Dana 25 front-end to a closed-knuckle Dana 44.

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The FC-170 was built from an extended Willys utility-wagon frame. It was around 77 inches longer, over 180 inches wider, and approximately 79.41 inches taller then the FC-150 counterpart. The pay-load-to-weight ratio on the 170 maxed out about 3,500 pounds, in which made the 170 unequaled. The ’59 FC-170 was equipped with a heavy-duty model with a huskier rear to succumb to the growth of the Forward Control Jeeps. To transport the load that it could maintain, the FC-170 had the 226-ci High Torque Super Hurricane six-cylinder for 190 lb-ft of torque at 1,400 rpm. The frequent transmission was the floor-shift, synchromesh three-speed Borg-Warner T-90A. The 170 sported a Dana 44 up front axle and a 53 rear axle to help withstand the constant pressure of more than a few tons of a worker man’s constant demand of effort. The Forward Control Jeep’s were a great asset during the ’50s toward manual labor, vehicles for war, and any other activity that would be made undemanding with the Jeep Forward Control Truck, and the Forward Control Jeeps of the ’50s.

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