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Jeep Wrangler Named 4×4 of the Year

The legendary Jeep Wrangler is still amongst the very best off-roaders today, in spite of being kinda overshadowed by all the computer-controlled high-riding luxury SUVs.

As a proof of its magnificence, specialist publication 4×4 Magazine, whose panel of expert judges put a four-door version of the US off-roader at the top of a list of extremely capable competitors, named it 4×4 of the Year in Extreme category.

Jeep Wrangler Named 4x4 of the Year JEEP

With its ‘go anywhere and do anything’ approach, Wrangler offers a unique combination of world-class off-road driving, fun, everyday convenience and versatility.

“The modern Wrangler offers a cracking all-round package for the 4×4 buyer. The three-door version is best left to true hardcore individualists, but the way-more-practical five-door version is definitely worth a closer look,” says Hils Everitt, editor, 4×4 Magazine.

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