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Kia Offers a Smart 4×4

For years, Kia has been gaining a foothold in the auto industry as it creates more and more quality vehicles.  While their first foray into the US market was ultra cheap autos, today their quality is considerably higher and the models they offer considerably more attractive.  One reason for Kia’s success is their affordability.  If you are looking for a decent 4×4 SUV, the Kia Borrego is a smart choice.

Kia Offers a Smart 4x4 kia borrego

The Kia Borrego has Power and Performs Well
The Kia Borrego is a mid size SUV which fits nicely with most family needs.  If you are looking for decent power and performance for driving to work or bringing the family to recreational events on the weekend, this vehicle should be fine.  There are plenty of trim levels and even two types of engines to choose from.  The first engine is a V6 that creates 276 horsepower and 267 ft lbs of torque- enough for most.  The larger engine is a V8 that offers 337 horsepower and 323 ft lbs of torque- which is great for those looking to haul heavy loads or towing a small camper or boat from the back.

The Interior of the Kia Borrego
The Interior of the Kia Borrego offers plenty of amenities that one would expect in a mid size SUV.  With the Borrego, there is 3 rows of seating with the last row offering a 50/50 split enabling it to be flush in the case you require more space for hauling items.  Besides nice seating arrangements, the dash is logical and the amenities such as DVD player, an mp3 player and other items make this vehicle very convenient.

The Kia Borrego is very affordable for what one would expect.  At a starting price of about $21K, this vehicle seems very attractive.

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