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Kia Soulster Concept

Kia has been making heads turn for several years now and more and more people are taking note of what this brand is offering.  While still focused on the lower tiers of the market, there are surprisingly practical and fun to drive vehicles available.  One of the vehicles that is now a concept, but set to go in production in the next couple of years is the Kia Soulster.

Kia Soulster Concept kia soulster concept 2009

If you are a teen, in your twenties or consider yourself a beach bum or sun worshipper, you will easily find yourself attracted to this vehicle.  For many, it may seem like it is an updated Isuzu Amigo from 20 or so years ago, but the Kia Soulster is definitely a very fun to look at and probably to drive in sunny climates and of course on the beach.  The 2 door, four seater is roomy enough to bring your friends and equipment for the ride.  The vehicle offers a removable roof so that you can easily enjoy the sun.  Regarding the styling of this vehicle, you will enjoy the chopped windshield that makes the Soulster look more like a dune buggy, the two piece roof that offers multiple configurations, fog lights, LED headlights and a very nice interior that is easy to clean and maintain.

Regarding the engines that will be available in the production vehicle in the next couple of years, Kia is expected to offer two different options.  The first is a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine and the second, a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine.  While a lot of the tech specs aren’t known yet for the production vehicles, Kia believes that fuel efficiency will rival 30 mpg.  For those that love fun in the sun, the Kia Soulster is definitely a vehicle to look forward to.

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