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Land Rover LR2, Entry Level Price, but Plenty of Capability

If you are looking for a very capable 4×4 vehicle, but have a mediocre budget, one of the vehicles that will definitely not disappoint is the Land Rover LR2.  Now, when most people hear the word Land Rover, they immediately equate quality and 4×4 capability, unfortunately, they also equate these vehicles costing huge sums of money, however the LR2 is one the entry level vehicle of Land Rover and with a price tag under $35K, it is definitely worth a look.

Land Rover LR2, Entry Level Price, but Plenty of Capability land rover lr2 maria sharapova

Sexy Maria Sharapova standing next to a beautiful orange Land Rover LR2

Tech Specs for the Land Rover LR2
First off, one thing needs to be made clear, even though this is a Land Rover with a price tag of under $35K, this vehicle doesn’t skimp on capability or quality.  Through and through, you will generally be very impressed with what the LR2 comes with and it starts with a decent engine.  The engine is a small, but not underpowered 3.2 liter I-6 engine that delivers more than enough horsepower- 230 HP for its size.  It should also be noted that it offers the same six speed automatic transmission as other models and includes Land Rover’s formidable Terrain Response system which helps get the LR2 over some of the toughest obstacles abound.

Plenty of Luxury and Capability with the LR2
Besides a nicely done engine and transmission, you will find that the LR2 is perfect for sporty individuals as well as families.  This vehicle seats 5 comfortably and includes leather seating and a nicely done panoramic sunroof.  Add in dual zone climate control and a whole range of great amenities and features with an emphasis on off roading and safety and the LR2 is definitely a winner.  It should be noted that the LR2 is a new model for 2008 and takes over for the Freelander.

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