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Land Rover LRX

Land Rover has been creating top quality luxury vehicles for decades and while their vehicles offer luxury and quality, they are usually not the greenest available.  Recently, Land Rover created a concept car to change this reality about the company.  The LRX is what they created to ensure a full size 4×4 luxury vehicle that not only offers plenty of performance, but is quite green.  The Land Rover LRX comes as a hybrid diesel and it’s engine is also able to run on a variety of bio-diesel fuels.

Land Rover LRX land rover lrx

LRX Tech Specs
The LRX is definitely a start in moving towards a greener automobile.  This vehicle is reportedly able to get 50 miles to the gallon with its hybrid diesel.  While it only has a 2.0 liter engine, it should be noted that it offers an ingenious way to save energy.  It uses the electric engine solely when the vehicle is traveling speeds under 20 mph and uses both the diesel engine and electric engine for higher speeds.  In addition, the vehicle itself, while filled with luxuries and nice styling has a much smaller footprint.  Currently, the LRX is shorter than the Freelander 2 by about 5.9 inches and lower to the ground by about 8 inches, however this smaller footprint makes the vehicle much lighter and much better at fuel efficiency.  Everything regarding the LRX has been constructed to enable fuel efficiency and lower Co2 emissions.  Even the glass is made from a lightweight polycarbonate –reducing weight.

The LRX Interior
Inside the LRX are quite a few nice environmentally friendly touches.  For instance, the headliner and doors offer a nice suede material that is actually made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles, the leather is vegetable-tanned and the electronics are intuitive and of course includes an iPod docking station.  While this vehicle is still a concept vehicle, expect to see many of these innovations in future Land Rovers.

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