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Lexus LS 570

For those that are looking for lots of luxury in their 4×4 vehicle, one of the best choices you can make is the Lexus LS 570.  And while this 4×4 offers plenty of power, a nice cushy ride and lots of features and creature comforts, if you are looking for a serious trail vehicle- this is not it.  However, this doesn’t mean that the LS 570 is a sub par vehicle, it’s just not practical for moderate to serious off roading.

Lexus LS 570 lexus ls 570

What the Lexus LS 570 Offers
In one word, the Lexus LS 570 offers its owners Luxury with a capital L.  It really is breathtaking the amount of luxury and cushy ride ability you receive in this vehicle.  I doubt with its wonderful suspension you would even notice if you road off a cliff. OK, all joking aside, the LS 570 comes with great technology and components including a 5.7 liter DOHC engine that produces a very respectable 383 horsepower and 403 ft lbs of torque.  In addition, the suspension is done up very nice with front and rear electrohydraulic IFS, double wishbone suspension, a 9.5 inch solid axle and a bunch of other high end components.  The LS 570 comes with nice 20 inch wheels and Dunlop tires.  The exterior is very stylish, but the front and rear overhang is the main problem for why this vehicle won’t satisfy true 4×4 enthusiasts.  With low ground clearance, you have to worry about taking this vehicle off road.

While the LS 570 is an extremely expensive 4×4 with a base price of $74K, it definitely delivers in both the luxury department and with a very comfortable ride.  However, once again serious 4×4 off roaders don’t look at this vehicle as you do the Range Rover.

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