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Lift Suspension Truck

Lift suspension trucks started with off-roaders modifying their truck and jeep suspensions. Originally off road enthusiasts used simple techniques to raise their axle blocks or added numerous leafs to lift their truck, today, the lift suspension truck has become extremely complex and intricate

While truck and off road vehicle manufacturers have added numerous innovations to their suspensions over the last few decades, for true performance, the only place to get high quality lift suspension kits are usually through aftermarket retailers.

Lift Suspension Truck lift suspension truck

Lift suspension trucks can offer you many benefits including a higher and more attractive stance, better performance off road and the ability to tow or carry heavier loads in the truck bed.

There are many ways to lift your truck’s suspension. The easiest is to install high performance shocks and add brackets. This strategy is both effective at raising your truck’s height and quite affordable. Other methods include a more costlier and technical approach of removing the stock suspension and instead installing air bags. The most radical approach is to install a body and suspension lift kit- in effect making your truck a monster truck.

If your goal is to improve your truck’s height and make it look more radical, performance shocks and extra brackets will usually do the trick, however if you want your vehicle to perform well off road then a lift kit is the way to go. Expect a good lift kit to handle bumps well, improve clearance and improve stability.

Obviously you can spend close to a thousand dollars or over ten thousand dollars on a truck lift kit. The more you spend, usually the more technical and higher quality the components will be. Most vehicles will also require professional installation.

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