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Lifted Trucks

Lifted trucks are becoming very popular among today’s automotive owners. Generally, people choose to life their truck when they purchase larger tries and wheels. Often times, a truck cannot accommodate larger tires at its current height. That’s why lifted trucks are often very functional. Some people take that functionality to a completely different level, though, and lift their truck a little bit too much.

There are several concerns to keep in mind for those interested in lifted trucks. Though lifted trucks are much more likely avoid damage in certain situations, they are also far from their original drivability. The less a truck is lifted, the more likely it is that the truck will drive as it was initially intended. Because of this, lifted truck owners should be careful how much they lift their ride.

It is also important to keep in mind all of the local and state lift laws concerning your lifted trucks. Police officers have taken it upon themselves to restrict how high trucks can be lifted for a number of reasons. They want everybody on the road to be safe, so they make sure that there are not a bunch of monster trucks running around the interstates. If you want to turn your regular trucks into lifted trucks, you will have mind these laws while doing a couple of different things to your truck.

One way of lifting a truck is to do a body lift on the truck. Many people with lifted trucks have performed a body lift on their truck. For someone with a little bit of automotive experience, this is a pretty easy thing to do. Aluminum blocks are required and it is not smart to use blocks that are more than 3”.

Another option for lifted trucks is a suspension lift. These are more difficult to do by yourself and the suspension lift kit is much more expensive. In general, lifted trucks are done with the body lift if one hopes to do it by themselves.

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