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Logging Trailers

Transporting logs and other products are what these logging trailers are known widely for. They come complete with wired electric lights and nylon tie downs. These trailers are also matched up with a grapple loader and hydraulic power unit. You are equipped with a very mobile self loading machine, perfect for woodlot owners and tree services. Most logging trailer hitches use a 2 5/16″ ball. The capacities can range from 2.5 tons, 5 tons, 7 tons, and 10 tons. The weight may be approximately 1,628 lbs, 2530 lbs, 2860 lbs, and 3500 lbs. The overall dimensions for the commonly used logging trailers are 72″ x 17.0′, 92″ x 23.0′, 92″ x 23.0′, and 92″ x 23.0′. For the bed the sizes can range from 66″ x 12′  and 85″ x 15’6″. Common logging trailers use springs on their axles, to stabilize the load and carry it swiftly to wherever it needs to be. Prices can vary from around $5,000; $6,795; $7,695; and $9,295. Check this Pitts Trailers – lowboy trailer and get more details.

 Logging Trailers

Added equipment for the logging trailers are the grapple loaders. These are very popular options for the logging trailers and can easily manipulate logs and other objects with great precision and delicacy. All grapples have a 360 degree boom rotation and hydraulic telescopic stabilizers. Farma model 60D and 65D loaders have telescopic arms for extended reach. Hydraulic power units can be mounted on log trailers to operate the grapple loaders. All power units have quality pull start Honda engines and are easily accessible for fueling. They come factory mounted if ordered with the logging trailers. Wheeled mounted logging trailers are designed and constructed with high quality materials in accordance with international oil industry. The trailers have enough room to accommodate equipment to perform formation evaluation services and can withstand all normally encountered working conditions for drilling operations.

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