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Mitsubishi Club Cab

While not necessarily known for their off road products, Mitsubishi has been making decent inroads into the light pick up truck market over the years.  Currently one of their 4×4 pick up trucks that are turning heads in the industry is the Mitsubishi Club Cab.  The Mitsu Club Cab is more geared to the recreational driver rather than offering professional specs for commercial businesses, but at first glance and ride it is definitely fun to drive and offers plenty of performance.

Mitsubishi Club Cab mitsubishi l200 club cab 2006

Mitsubishi Club Cab Specs
First off, it should be noted that the Mitsubishi Club Cab shares a production line with the Mercedes C Class line, so expect some of the extra quality to be present in this vehicle as well.  The configuration of this vehicle is a pick up truck with a decent club cab for extra space and a bed with about 6 feet of room.  The Club Cab is a decent hauler and can haul up to 2,063 pounds in the bed with no problems.

There are three trims available, two that come with turbo diesels and one with a V6 gas engine.  Two of the models are 2×4 and one 4×4 model.  It should be noted that the 4×4 model has the 3.2 turbo diesel and the other two models offering the 2×4 offer a 2.5 liter engine.  While the Mitsubishi Club Cab is a relatively small pick up it is perfect for many.  With decent fuel economy and a price that fits most budgets, for those looking for a very capable club cab performer, the Mitsubishi Club Cab definitely delivers.

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