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Monster Trucks

Monster trucks are usually just pickup trucks that have been modified for show purposes. Generally, monster trucks feature modified suspensions and huge wheels that give them the power to jump over things and cause quite a bit of havoc. Usually, monster trucks are featured as a part of a show that could include something like a tractor pull, mud bogging race, or some other form of extreme automotive entertainment.

Monster trucks are involved in shows where they drive over and crush lines of smaller vehicles. This carnage is popular as the trucks can inflict some serious damage on the smaller cars. Because monster trucks have the capability to run over just about anything they come into contact with, there is a huge concern for safety at monster truck events. In this light, monster trucks are now equipped with automatic shutdown devices that go into effect if a driver loses control over a vehicle.

Monster trucks often compete in events that look like beautiful freestyle mass carnage. Towards the end of events, monster trucks are allowed to run free reign over the course, destroying anything in their path. This is somewhat different that what goes on normally during these shows, when monster trucks are required to go on a set course and destroy a set number of cars.

Monster trucks have been around for quite a while. In fact, they have their roots as far back as the 1970s. They began as owners had lifted trucks that were capable of different jobs like mud bogging and pulling things. After a while, an automotive arms race of sorts occurred as different truck owners tried to create the biggest and best truck. From there, monster trucks were born. Today, different ideas for monster trucks continue to grow and the spectacle becomes more popular with each trip to a different city.

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